High quality Information Technology drives success for small and medium sized business; yet the high price for IT services poses a barrier. The Delmarva Group LLC, develops and delivers IT at a cost a small business can afford. You’ll receive only what you need, when you need it and at a reasonable investment.

Our clients are people and businesses with real names and actual goals. We strive to learn each client’s business challenges. That unique data leads to value-added IT services that deliver business benefits.

Call on us for:

• Email and websites
• E-publications
• Custom software
• Brand protection
• Disaster recovery
• CIO consulting

Clients of the Delmarva Group and its personnel include Day and Zimmermann, IBM, Astra Zeneca, FMC, APL (American Presidents Line), AFG (American Financial Group), Sun Microsystems, Innovation America and the NASVF among others. We’ve leveraged our experience with Fortune 1000 clients in our architecture and operating models. Your business will benefit from this expertise when we work with you.

You will know that the Delmarva Group is continually searching for new and innovative technologies that support your business. You’ll hear from us promptly when something new will benefit your specific operations. You can then count on us to do the legwork.

As Richard Bendis, CEO of Innovation America, puts it: change is inevitable with the fast paced power of the web. If you're hesitating as an owner or senior manager, you are creating liability for your firm's longevity. Listening and collaborating with your target market users can significantly increase your unique value proposition -- which is how your relevant use of the web can help your long-term success.

The relationships we build with our clients reflect our focus on service. Our full capability software development firm delivers counsel as well as IT products and services. You can have an experienced CIO available for strategic planning, development, implementation and trouble-shooting.

We're here to empower your business.

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